Book review: Maja J. Mataric, The Robotics Primer

Jason M. O'Kane
Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems
vol. 17
pp. 362–365

Abstract After decades of development, truly autonomous robots are finally breaking through into everyday life. Many observers (including, for example, Bill Gates) expect this progress to spur societal changes on a scale comparable to the information revolution of the past 20 years. To this context, Maja J. Mataric brings The Robotics Primer, a broad, introductory-level robotics textbook aimed at a diverse audience, including "K-12 and university educators, as well as robotics enthusiasts who want to go beyond the popular press and get under the surface of the topic," spanning "the ages of early adolescence to retirement, and education levels of elementary school to Ph.D." The stated goal of the text is to "teach something real and true about robotics and its potential, while staying interesting and engaging," and in this regard it is a very successful book. The end result is a detailed guided tour of a large, interdisciplinary field.

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